The station that vanished.

The Goblin line from Gospel Oak to Barking stopped opposite Jubilee Hall from 1872 until 1943 when they closed Hornsey Road Station and demolished the station building. I don't know how that helped win the war, but it must have made sense to someone somehow.

Crouch Hill Station. Hornsey Road's would have looked about the same. 

I've been looking to write a story about it for months but could find nothing anywhere about Hornsey Road station. Not a mention in Hansard, not a local paper reference. It barely makes the National Railway Museum and they are thorough.

National Railway Museum archive. I love them more than I can say for this picture.

So that has to be the story: the station vanished. Two years after Dickens died bricklayers and architects and plasterers and signal-makers and a dozen more forgotten trades made a station and seventy one years later it went.

We're back on the all flesh is as grass theme. I promise Sunday's post will be upbeat.
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