Picture Framing Therapy

I carted postcards, prints, photocopies, pages torn from magazines and exhibition posters from rented flat to rented flat for years thinking that as soon as I knew I wouldn't have to move for a while I'd put them up. Then we bought here and lived for two years with bare walls. For all my ambitions I didn't know what I wanted or how to get there or who to ask for help and the longer I waited the harder it seemed to choose anything.

The blog was my salvation.Well, when I say salvation I mean kick up the arse to stop me dithering because I found Art and Soul in the Belgravia Workshops and went there.

Zoological drawings, bought in Lille, framed off Hornsey Road

It was heaven. They should market picture framing as therapy.  The workshop is a 
set of interconnected rooms, painted white, full of the flotsam and jetsam of tools and bits of wood, with a big round window looking onto the courtyard and TMS playing. I'd move in if they'd let me. 

Smyrna/Izmir sea-scene, as per above.

I spent so much time choosing between different mounts, frames and glass types that my dad (who was visiting that day and had kindly come along) decanted himself next door to Libertea for tea and cake. And the pictures look beautiful, far better than in my photographs.

Map here: 

Contact details here:

telephone: 020 7263 0421
mobile: 0771 569 7345

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