The Tollington Initiative: Hornsey Road Baths 1998

Hornsey Road Baths, 1998, thanks to Daniel Lobo

Daniel Lobo, who goes by the name of Daquella Manera on flickr, took this photograph from the top of Montem Primary School around 1998. 

I'd have posted it anyway, even if this had been the only photograph of the Hornsey Road he'd taken and even if there hadn't been a story behind it because I like the way it makes it seem like derelict London is swirling around you.

But the web is serendipity country and the best things turn up by accident. This photograph is part of the Tollington Initiative, a regeneration project run by London Met (then University of North London) with the Council and the neighbourhood. A book came out of it, as did many other photographs of the Six Acres and Andover Estates.

More later.  
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