So Yale Terrace will have a Tesco after all.

There have been rumours flying about for months as to what would open in the retail space under the Yale Terrace development. This, stuck to the hoardings, looks like the answer: 

Licensing application from the soon to be Hornsey Road Tesco

There's no sign of a Stokes Croft style rebellion to this Tesco.

Stokes Croft anti-Tesco protest. Not on Hornsey Road.
Thanks to Mark Simmons Photography. 

There are no protest marches planned, no furious letters to the Guardian, no creative types occupying the space to make it into a theatre or writing poetry about the crack troops of gentrification. There's been nothing but a few sarky comments on, and even those are undercut by people saying they'd like a free cash machine.

Of course, Stokes Croft's reaction made the news because that sort of thing doesn't normally happen, but this will be round the corner from a newsagent that sells the Morning Star and in a constituency where Jeremy Corbyn has a 12401 majority. I'm a little surprised that it's all so quiet. 

I'm neither trying to start a protest nor arguing in favour of Tesco here, but there are two lines from a Sophie Hannah poem 'the end of love should be a big affair/ it should involve the hiring of a hall' that keep going round my head.

The Hornsey Road (for good and for bad) didn't have any chains. It may have been the last British high street of which that was true. There should be a ceremony to mark the end of that. Something like this

If someone tells you Brussels is boring, they're wrong.

If they tell you Brussels is strange, trust their judgement on all things.

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