Even Better than Petter.

North London has pharmacies like Vegas has casinos.

There are pharmacies facing pharmacies, pharmacies next to pharmacies, small pharmacies, big pharmacies, huge pharmacies like Petter in Crouch End, severe pharmacies with warnings about diabetes, cuddly pharmacies that peddle useless homeopathic remedies and argumentative pharmacies that follow Ben Goldacre on twitter.

Chemitex pharmacy in the sun.

The Hornsey Road has an unassuming little Chemitex pharmacy. 

It's a revelation. 

The pharmacists look hurt when you ask for an expensive branded product and steer you towards the cheaper generic, explaining that it does the same thing, but for less money. 

They don't hurry or patronize people, or make them feel awkward.

It's a proper community resource - equally kind to the worried well and the very ill, the very poor and the very not.

Where: 322 Hornsey Road
Mon:Open: 09:00 Close: 18:30
Tue:Open: 09:00 Close: 18:30
Wed:Open: 09:00 Close: 18:30
Thu:Open: 09:00 Close: 12:30
Fri:Open: 09:00 Close: 18:30
Sat:Open: 09:30 Close: 14:00
Tel: 020 72724869
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