The Eaglet & the Zeppelin

In honour of the New Year today's post is about renewal and transformation. This is what the Eaglet on the corner of Seven Sisters and Hornsey Road looks like now:

Those beautiful tiles are much younger than the building above. At the end of September 1917 the pub was hit by a Zeppelin raid. Two photographs (here and here) taken the day show the ground floor wrecked, with the glass and woodwork smashed and the beer barrels clattered down from their storage loft.

Even though it has a better story to tell than most, the Eaglet isn't a nostalgic pub. The landlords haven't decorated it with sepia photographs of the Hornsey Road, old theatre playbills, or First World War newspaper reports. There's a mural with an Elvis impersonator instead: 

Where: 124 Seven Sisters Road.

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