Match Day Memories

This blog skirts around Arsenal rather. I love that it's here, love that match day feels like carnival, love how the Emirates' roof cuts across the sky, love listening to 5 live in the kitchen and hearing the crowd roar like a distant storm.

All the same, my main memory of the 'invincibles' is that Henry was damn cute and Pires wasn't bad either, and if I tried to write about football I'd sound like the prattiest prat who ever pratted (see 'distant storm' line above). 

So, it's a delight when someone does something that lets me bring the Gunners in without making a complete fool of myself. 

'Match Day' on 14 Hornsey Road, used to be a cupcake store. Um. It didn't last.   

It now sells framed vintage programmes,  price lists, signed photographs,

and tables. I like the tables,

but the programmes are my favorites. So striking and so interesting and so much better than a drearily tasteful abstract print. You could buy a dozen for a hallway, or have a couple up in a kid's room, or mix them in with other pictures for a gallery wall. 

Open on match days, as you'd expect, and busy with the better heeled fans, as you'd also expect. 

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