Clever Mike's hidden bikes

I can never decide if the best thing about cycling is gliding round corners without using your hands or how bikes look. Even humdrum ones are cute (my heart broke last year when some git stole the mountain bike I'd had since my 15th birthday) but some are like Tom Ford's mid nineties Grecian dresses or Celine since Phoebe Philo took over in that they are lovely enough to make you glad you're alive.

Those bicycles even look good stripped down to their candy-coloured frames:

but they look better when they're sleek and complete:

All this shininess is hidden at number 465 under the Danor sign. Go through the right hand door and left at the piano (which is another story)

and you reach Clever Mike* the new bicycle maintenance business/shop

that is this man's brainchild.

Not Mike 

Here's hoping he thrives in the Hornsey Road microclimate. Anyone patient enough to let me meander around with the pram asking daft questions deserves to do well. More importantly, it shines through that he loves his job and is good at it. 

Talking of being good at something, there are far better pictures on the Clever Mike facebook page:

T: +44-(0)7845-304865
Opening Hours
Monday - Friday 8.30 - 17.00

*Rhyming slang for bike. No, I hadn't worked it out either.

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